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Let's work together and create beautiful memoreis together


work with us

We like to do what we do best: Giving our guests an unforgettable Wadi Rum experience! To get those guests here, we could use your help. In exchange for your help we can offer you a free stay at our traditional Bedouin camp, local food traditionally prepared and a tour to show you the Wadi Rum highlights. A true local Bedouin experience! When we consider working together, we look at your reach on different media and whether our target groups are the same, so we can both benefit from the collaboration.


Do you want to help us remotely? Please let us know what you have in mind. We are not interested in paid services, but we are definitely interested in other ways of helping each other online.


How can we collaborate?

  • Blogs & vlogs: Do you work as an online influencer or do you have a successful blog or vlog? We would love to be mentioned on your channel and get a review on our accommodation and tours. You could also write for us on our blog and share your experiences with our future guests.

  • Photography & Videography: The best way to convince our guests how much fun we are, is to show them! We would love to have more professional photos and videos that show our camp, our cave under a sky full of stars and guests enjoying themselves on the tour. We like spontaneous, authentic and real photos that makes people want to book with us.

  • SEO & website building: We are happy with our website as it is now, but we are always open to suggestions that will improve our website and the number of website visitors.

  • Marketing & promotion: Can you help us market our business with authenticity and creativity? Then we would love to here your ideas!

  • Creating content: We like to communicate with our guests in a fun, easy and accessible way. Can you help us by making infographics or other creative content?

  • Social Media: We decided to focus on our website and booking websites first. In the future we might promote our business through social media also. If you have a successful social media channel we are open to the possibilities in working together.


travel agencies

Do you want offer holidays in Jordan and are you looking for a reliable partner in Wadi Rum? Would you like to build a lasting relationship? Then we would like to work with you! We are an independent tour operator, focused on giving our guests an authentic, traditional, Bedouin experience. We work with fixed prices, but we are happy to discuss the options for group discounts. Please contact us with you wishes and ideas and hopefully the cooperation will develop into a long term cooperation and friendship.

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