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Discover Wadi Rum by jeep or camel 


explore wadi rum

Enjoy the ultimate jeep safari or camel ride and be amazed at the spectacular rock formations, rock bridges and red sand dunes. Make beautiful new memories with a local guide, showing you the Wadi Rum highlights and amazing sights of the desert of Jordan. Choose us as your guide and we will guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Pick one of our tours below, or tell us your wishes and we make sure to give you the tailor made experience you are looking for.

If you are a group or tour agency, please contact us directly for the right prices. 

choose your experience


3 hr JEEP TOUR + sunset

  • Lawrence spring

  • Khazali canyon

  • Red sand dune

  • Little bridge

  • Um Fruth rock bridge

  • Sunset viewpoint

1 person 45 JOD
2 persons 30 JOD pp
3-5 Persons 25 JOD pp



  • Lawrence spring

  • Khazali canyon

  • Red sand dune

  • Little bridge

  • Um Fruth rock bridge

  • Abu Khashaba canyon (hike)

1 person 45 JOD
2 persons 30 JOD pp
3-5 persons 25 JOD pp

Wadi Rum Full Day Jeep Tour Little Bridge.jpg

Full day jeep tour

  • Lawrence spring

  • Khazali canyon

  • Red sand dune

  • Little bridge

  • Traditional lunch

  • Um Fruth rock bridge

  • Abu Khashaba canyon (hike)

  • Lawrence house

  • White desert

  • Mushroom rock

  • Burdah rock bridge

  • Sunset viewpoint

1 person 65 JOD
2 persons 45 JOD pp
3-5 Persons 35 JOD pp

Camel ride wadi rum desert dreams.jpg

camel ride

See Wadi Rum from a different perspective and wander around the breathtaking scenery by camel.

30 min. 10 JOD PP
1 hour 20 JOD pp
village to camp 25 JOD pp
Sunset 1,5 hour 30 JOD PP

Wadi Rum Hike Umm Ad Dami.jpg

full day hiking tour

If you are searching for less crowded places to visit, love to discover the hidden gems of Wadi Rum, are a nature lover, and like to combine your vacation with a challenge, you should definitely go on a hike with us! Traditional lunch is included.

Our Hikes:

  • Umm Ad Dami

  • Al Hash 

  • Burdah Rock Bridge

1 person 70 JOD
2 persons 50 JOD
3-5 Persons 40 JOD




Follow the footsteps of the Bedouins and join us for a unique experience. We will show you the Bedouin climbing style, where we use mostly natural protection to keep the Wadi Rum Protected Area as authentic as possible. We will provide all the equipment that's needed. You can even combine your climbing experience with sleeping in the mountain.

Prices are on request

Tour sites

jeep tour sites

Jeep Tour Sights - Selected Tours.jpg

more information

The jeep tours start from 08:00 – 09:30 departing from the camp or the Wadi Rum Rest House in the Wadi Rum Village. At each stop you get the time to explore the sight, take pictures, interact with local Bedouins, walk around or climb. Some sights have tents next to it with little shops where local Bedouins offer free tea and a place to sit and relax. After the tour we head back to the camp or the Village, just in time for you to watch the sunset.

Depending on the size of your group, there could be other guests from the camp joining the same tour. This way everyone gets a chance to do a tour and I believe it’s also better for the environment to use as less cars in the desert as possible. If you would like to have a private tour for just you and your fellow travelers, please let us know in advance. You can book the tours in advance or when you arrive.

Important to know:

  • Tours are for groups from 2 to 9 persons. For more people please ask for the options.

  • Your booking will be final after you received a confirmation

  • We can not pick you up at another camp. Tours start and end at the camp or the Village

  • Lunch is not included but a traditional lunch can be booked for 10 JD per person. Lunch varies per day, so if you have a specific diet please ask us about it at the start of the tour. 

  • If you are interested in sandboarding, ask me about it in advance

  • Check out the “about” section for more information about the terms and conditions

  • Free of charge for children under 6

  • Payment only by cash on departure

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